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Case Library Conversations

In-person and online, each Sunday at 9 AM

This series hosts discussions with community leaders, experts, and members on local, national, and global issues. The offerings are always lively, engaging, and intelligent. Participants are invited to discuss and respectfully disagree. Through conversation, we can examine how our life-long adventure in faith informs our response to the cultural and political concerns affecting our world.

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Understanding Islam 2023

In-person and online, Sundays at 9 AM

All sessions are held in-person at Westminster Presbyterian Church and via Zoom (click link below). and are open to public

Sessions will start at 9:00 AM and will end at 10:00 AM

Dangerous Doctors and Rebellious Rabbis: How Radicalism Has Both Shaped and Damaged the Jewish Faith

Rabbi Alex Lazarus-Klein, Congregation Shir Shalom

A look at the foundation of Extremism in Biblical and post Biblical Jewish texts; at the warnings given in opposition to zealotry in these ancient texts; how these same texts get corrupted to be used by the extremists of today.


Dissenters, Rebels, and Radicals - Christian Extremists and Religious Freedom

Sunday, February 12
Rev. Dr. Jonathan D. Lawrence, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theology at Canisius College and Pastor at St. Peter’s UCC, North Tonawanda, NY

Since the beginnings of Christianity, Christians have had conflicts with each other and with their governments. Some of the first Christians in America came purportedly for religious freedom, but created their own theocratic governments, leading other Christians to dissent and rebel. ​ Since then some Christian dissenters have sought advocated for religious freedom for all, while others have sought to control religious freedom.


Muslim Extremism in Post-Colonial Contemporary World: Issues and Challenges

Sunday, February 19
Muhammad Shafiq, Ph.D., Professor & Executive Director Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue, IIIT Interfaith Studies Chair, Nazareth College Rochester, NY

The presentation will cover the emergence of Muslim extremism from 1970 and after discussing social, political and economic conditions of some Muslim countries along with Western hegemonic interests worsening the prevailing situation.


The Islamic Solution to the Problem of Evil

Sunday, February 26
Alanna Arman

Why do bad things happen? What Islam has to say about the problem of evil and original sin.


Meet in Holmes Room, first Tuesday of each month at 12:30 PM

Passages is designed to meet the needs of people in the later part of their lives. The group meets for a brown bag lunch at 12:30 PM in the Oak Room, followed by a 1:15 PM program. These programs focus on the physical, spiritual, and intellectual interests of older adults. ​

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