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Nineteenth Annual

Understanding Islam Series

Sundays, February 6-27
8:45 AM - 10 AM via Zoom

February 13

History of Afghanistan, Lead-up to 9/11

Stefanie Wichhart, Ph. D., Niagara University

-What led to the events of 9/11

-Afghanistan and world powers, including the Soviet Union’s invasion

-The role of Afghanistan’s neighbors

-The rise of the Taliban and makings of Al Qaeda

-The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and their short- & long-term impacts


February 20

The US-Afghan War, 2001-2021

David Reilly, Ph.D., Niagara University

-US objectives in going to wars

-Failures & successes of American strategy

-Cost of war(s)

-Effects of the war on Afghan citizens

-Regional and global geopolitical implications

-The effects on Afghanistan of the US-Iraq War


February 27

Perspectives and Experiences of Evacuees

Panel to be determined

-Their life in Afghanistan under US occupation and here in WNY

-How and how many they come here

-Challenges that they had since their arrival

-Community Contributions in the resettlement process

-How can we help

Case Library Conversations

In-person and online, each Sunday at 9 AM

This series hosts discussions with community leaders, experts, and members on local, national, and global issues. The offerings are always lively, engaging, and intelligent. Participants are invited to discuss and respectfully disagree. Through conversation, we can examine how our life-long adventure in faith informs our response to the cultural and political concerns affecting our world.

For more information, contact David Weeks at

Spiritual Life

Meet in Heritage Room, each Sunday at 9:15 AM

Spiritual Life creates opportunities for Westminster members and friends to explore and reflect together upon the interior life of faith. Discoveries and questions come from topics such as deep listening, gratitude, attentiveness, compassion, sacred spaces, grieving, and joy. Poetry and art are frequently woven into a presentation. We are always interactive and supportive, looking for ways to apply important spiritual concepts to our daily lives. As a Christian congregation, we are also open to learning about other faith traditions and practices that nurture, sustain, and challenge the “inward journey.”

For more information, contact Jane Morris at


Meet in Holmes Room, first Tuesday of each month at 12:30 PM

Passages is designed to meet the needs of people in the later part of their lives. The group meets for a brown bag lunch at 12:30 PM in the Oak Room, followed by a 1:15 PM program. These programs focus on the physical, spiritual, and intellectual interests of older adults. ​

For more information, contact Rev. Katelyn Nutter Dowling at

724 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14209


724 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14209


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